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About Pirates of the Burning Sea

Plunge into the high stakes world of 18th Century seafaring with Pirates of the Burning Sea. Set against the backdrop of the New World, this MMORPG allows players to skillfully navigate both land and sea as English, French, or Spanish captains or sail under the black flag as a member of the Brethren of the Coast - a pirate. Successfully engage in tactical ship combat, swashbuckling adventures and cutthroat economics to advance in each career path. Loyal nationals strive to master navigational skills as Naval Officers, Privateers or Freetraders. Pirates terrorize the seas as manipulative Buccaneers or brutal Cutthroats.

Players hone their fighting skills by training in classic Fencing, flashy Florentine, or Dirty Fighting styles and develop specialized corresponding moves. These skills come in handy when forced to engage in one-on-one duels that test the skill, balance and mastery of each player. On the seas, players engage in fierce ship-to-ship battles with real time combat in customizable, historically inspired ships. Against the deafening cannons and choppy waters, players try to out maneuver their opponents, board, and take control of enemy vessels.

Pirates of the Burning Sea features a player run economy, where captains can forge their own empires across the Caribbean. By building quarries, distilling rum (to boost morale) or managing large scale production and distribution, players contribute to the high-stakes world of commerce. In a place where profits are the dream and desperate measures the reality, it's no wonder pirates live by the maxim "dead men tell no tales." With rich user created content, epic missions and stunning graphics, Pirates of the Burning Sea satisfies every adventurer.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Companion

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  • Captain 1012 has arrived to fight for the Denton Black of 4.
  • Welcome to the Pirates of the Burning Sea Companion, bennerman!

  • September 2016

  • Welcome to the Pirates of the Burning Sea Companion, CaptainBryson!
  • Welcome to the Pirates of the Burning Sea Companion, Kinarr!

  • July 2016

  • Captain 1011 has arrived to fight for the Luc dArlay of 4.
  • Welcome to the Pirates of the Burning Sea Companion, buzuni!
  • Welcome to the Pirates of the Burning Sea Companion, Anghammarad!
  • Wwwraith has updated ship statistics for the Treason Pirate Flagship.

  • June 2016

  • Welcome to the Pirates of the Burning Sea Companion, DirtyDave90!
  • Welcome to the Pirates of the Burning Sea Companion, Fish692003!

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A word on Ship Stats.. Hidden Stats

I have noticed a few commenters on the blog wanting to know how they find the hidden stats to update the database.

The truth is, when the site was built (back in the days of FLS) - one of the developers released a spreadsheet with those stats for the existing ships at the time.

Unfortunately I don't have any contact with the new devs (hence the lack of the maps, which was one of my favourite features!) even though I've tried a couple of times. So unless someone has a way to access that hidden data - you'll probably just have to skip over it when updating the ships.

On another note; are the stats that are provided for editing still relevant? I don't play the game anymore but will keep the site running whilst people still use it (sadly the proposed revamp was lost in a disk crash...)

I may look at open sourcing the code for the site in the near future and allowing users to be able to make some modifications.

20+ New Ships Added

Another batch of new ships has been added - from the Jury Rigged Barrel right up to the Wolf Frigate.

Thanks to whoever it was that posted all the names up, and sorry it's taken so long to add to the database ... Enjoy!

10 New Ships Added

Ahoy captains!

10 new ships have been added to the database, thanks to Kaspar for providing a list and sorry it took me so long to see it....

The ships are: Kraken, Guardian, Hector, Stingray, Assistance, Assurance, Concorde, Sovereign, Terror and the Adventure.

They will require some stats adding to them by the captains of these intrepid vessels.....

I still have no word on whether or not the data API has been, or will ever be re-instated but if I get any more news, I will be sure to let you know.

Happy sailing, and don't forget to follow @potbscompanion on Twitter....

Is there anybody there?

I haven't made any changes or done any work to the site for a while (you may have noticed!).

I must confess that I haven't played PotBS for a couple of years and whilst I have fond memories of the game, the community I used to play with all moved on to other things and I didn't like sailing alone.

Since the game moved from FLS - I've been unable to get any answers about the data API (which was used to provide the maps, and appears simply to no longer exist) nor an updated news feed for the homepage. There are very few captains and societies registered on site although the ship database does remain fairly popular (if not as much as before).

So I have a question. Do I keep the site up and running? Do people still play?

Perhaps, if the resource is still of value - it might be time to ask around any community that still exists and see if any hands want to help with site maintenance and improvements. I did start working on a new version of the site, but other events took over and unfortunately I didn't get it finished.

So is there anyone reading this? Do you have any thoughts? Leave a comment or tweet me @potbscompanion.